Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Benefit show for the Campbell family.

Me and Stan are in the process of booking a benefit show for our friend Daniel Campbell's family. Daniel was Stan's best man at our wedding, and he's like family to Stan and I, and his dad just recently passed away the day after Thanksgiving.
As if this wasn't already devastating enough, his dad's life insurance is going to barely even cover the cost of the funeral.
We're trying to do this benefit show December 26th, to try to help out Daniel's mom and the rest of his family.
Things are already in the works, I'll keep everyone posted as the details become more finite. Foundation is playing for sure.
This show is going to be at the Heartbeat Gallery in Mooresville, NC.

Please, please, please plan on coming out to this show. All the proceeds will go to the Campbell family, and it'll be an awesome show. If you end up with extra Christmas money you're willing to part with feel free to donate more.
If you're not able to make it to this show but want to help out, we've set up a way for you to donate through PayPal.

Please send your donations to:


Foundation Pictures

Yeah, I know these are up a little late but with the holidays and being out of town I've been busy and/or lazy. These are from the Griffin show on 11/20/09 and the Loganville show on 11/21/09.

- Rachel